Skema - Custom Furniture

Here we are committed to designing and manufacturing handcrafted furniture that is set apart by careful attention to detail with a technique that has been perfected through 35 years of knowledge, time, and talent.

Skema - Custom Furniture

Designing and developing spectacular custom furniture like kitchens, wall units, offices, etc. Skema furniture works to meet your needs and decorate your favorite spaces with the best quality. Besides, if it is your desire, include patented technology that could make your furniture even better.

Custom Furniture


At Skema-Custom Furniture we have incredible leaders, workers, and collaborators who embrace our vision and possess the needed abilities to have the best work environment and provide exceptional services to our customers. If you are looking for a job and you feel that your profile fits with our company vision, contact us and start to be part of this community!

Skema Media Furniture

Skema is proud to introduce its first line of custom designed media furniture carefully crafted to enhance a room with beautiful, detailed design with the exciting option of being added to your furniture patented SoundWhere® speaker systems.
This innovation resulted in specific technique of building furniture that houses the high-end entertainment technology and makes it appear invisible while simultaneously amplifying the produced audio.


SoundWhere® is the result of a commitment to finding a resolution to the complexity of being asked by clients for commodities including audio systems. Due to that, SoundWhere provides patented sound technology within Skema’s beautifully designed furniture pieces. Customs design could have hidden speakers that resonated better than any of the well known branded systems; merging functionality and aesthetics with a fantastic audio experience due to the patented Aesthetic Linear Speaker Assembly.