Attention Representatives, Furniture Showrooms, and Audio Consultants!

Represent the best! SoundWhere invites you on a special journey to become a liaison. Connect with your clients who seek a unique combination of form and function.

We are dedicated to manufacturing furniture designed to your customer’s individual specifications – with an unusual twist. We incorporate a patented unique hidden sound system that is heard – but not seen. No two pieces are alike. Unlimited in scope, our team develops sound-design solutions for your residential, commercial, and even marine clients.

Our plan pairs the finest components and materials. Selecting from a multitude of woods sourced globally, and then turning them into unique traditional or contemporary designed pieces. Hidden from view, we incorporate a stealthily-placed sound system providing unmatched audio, compliments of our patented Aesthetic Linear Speaker Assembly.

Get in on the ground floor! Share this seamless marriage of high-end sound and sophisticated style. Contact our regional dealer at Manufacturing by Skema, Inc. to arrange an appointment. Let’s see what we can create for your clients!