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Let’s get in touch and get to know our amazing founders a little bit more.

Norberto Grundland

Founding partners and co-founded SoundWhere Inc.

Norberto Grundland was born in Argentina and raised in Italy. He earned a degree in architecture at a prestigious university. Having the opportunity to live in many countries, he subsequently settled in the United States in the early 1980s.

In 1988, he co-founded Manufacturing by Skema, Inc. The company, located in Davie, Florida designs and manufactures handcrafted furniture. Its specialty is high-end custom cabinetry for residential and commercial applications..

Twenty years ago, Norberto had the opportunity to develop the idea of SoundWhere Intelligent Furniture working conjointly with Evenecer Garcia. They dedicated full-time to designing this up-to-date concept of furniture.

Nowadays, Norberto continues working on designing and creating marvelous and incredibly comforting furniture that includes Evenecer ideas of technology and high-quality sound speakers to bring the best to their client’s homes.

Patricia Arango

Founding Partners

Patricia Arango is a flourishing interior designer originally from Colombia with an architectural background and a degree in Interior Design from the US. In 1988, Patricia and Norberto Grundland founded Manufacturing by Skema Inc. in Davie, Florida, and established partnerships with workshops in Central and South America.

As a design director at Skema, Patricia's communicative and leadership abilities have contributed to her success as a proactive leader. Her dedication to the enterprise and employees have made her an excellent professional who performs her functions with remarkable finesse. Patricia is committed to successfully fulfilling the company's mission and exceeding the expectations of its clients.