Custom Design

Manufacturing by SKEMA

Skema has crafted true masterpieces that range from 50,000 square foot homes replete with custom built-ins that exemplify modern, functional design, all the way down to their most recent projects which are bespoke furniture pieces crafted that could include high-quality sound system technology hidden inside these marvelous pieces of exclusive commodities.

From exceptional and astonishing kitchens to completely professional and valuable offices, Skema-Custom Furniture has positioned itself as a powerful furniture company with innovative designs and ideas to satisfy its clients.


Designing and developing our kitchens is a process that we highly value and enjoy. Handling quality materials and a team that assembles with great care and detail, we try to portray ideas and accomplish all their necessities.

In addition, we are professionals in customizing the perfect kitchens for you to have dream spaces in your home under all your desires. With us, you have the advantage of being able to include patented technology developed by SoundWhere, which allows you to add speakers to your furniture to play your favorite songs in your favorite spaces.

Take a look at some kitchen projects we have developed, we work to make your dream home a reality

Wall Units

Our wall units offer a wide variety of design solutions that allow you to make maximum use of every inch of space at home. This is the opportunity to customize and portray your ideas in marvelous pieces of furniture.

Hire us to provide the best design services for your home, in addition to being able to include patented sound technology systems designed by our friendly company SoundWhere, which can give your wall units an incredible plus.

The processes to make our wall units are always amazing, we capture your wishes in beauty and class, and right here you can see them. Take a quick look, and if you need more images don’t hesitate to contact us!


To maintain undisturbed work environments and develop successfully your tasks it is necessary to be in the best place possible, that is why Skema is here to help you design unbeatable workspaces for you and your employees, we can start your project now.

We offer a full-service modern office furniture provider for small and medium businesses, even home office spaces. Our priority is to provide high-quality services of furniture assembly that can also include speakers and patented sound technology designed and previously tested by SoundWhere, a partner company.

You can communicate with us immediately to receive the best services at the best prices with the best finishes and materials in the industry.